Takashi Hara Actor

Takashi Hara 

Takashi Hara is a Japanese born actor, filmmaker, martial artist & workshop trainer currently based in Sydney Australia.



Takashi Hara is a brilliant versatile actor who can blend into any character at any given scenario.

Zayed Rizwan ( Film Director )

Takashi Hara is a Japanese born actor, filmmaker, martial artist & workshop trainer currently based in Sydney. He graduated from Meijo University with a Bachelor of Science & Agriculture and moved in 2009 to study at  the Himawari Theatre Acting School specializing in voice training, singing, ballet, Japanese traditional dance, and various martial arts. He studied under the internationally award-winning performance teacher Kunihiro Matsumoto and has worked at the Nissay Theatre and the prestige New National Theatre Tokyo (NNTT).

Takashi is also proficient as a trainer in the French Bella acting system from Masako Okada, who was honored the medal of Chevalier (Knight) of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French government in 1996.


His martial arts proficiencies include Kendo, Taiko drumming, Chinese styles of martial arts of Wushu, Tai Chi and Xing Yi Quan, which he trained at the Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu school in China. On returning home to Japan, he competed and won at the 2015 Wushu Championship at Otaku Tokyo in weaponry skills.

Takashi Hara Actor

Currently, Takashi lives in Sydney, Australia and has worked on numerous films including Head Above Water (2018), awarding short film Daily Bread (2018) and action feature film Operation Agneepath (2019). He has also been featured in Australian commercials for Foxtel, Macquarie Bank, Lexus, Qantas & Heineken.


He is also an emerging filmmaker work with film production company Phoenix Eye on projects such as: 3 part Cancer Institute commissioned web series Breathless (2019) as an Associate Producer /1st Assistant Director/ Actor, on SBS’s TV series Where Are You From? Season 3 (2019) as a Performer/Fight Choreographer/Directing Consultant and action thriller movie Echo 8 (2021) as an Associate Producer/ Co-Director/ Main Cast. 


As recognition of his work, Takashi was awarded a grant from Theatre Network Australia (TNA). 




Takashi has been involved in many diverse projects as an actor, choreographer , producer, and director.  




Takashi is passionate about teaching and education. 

He runs personal acting session and online Tai Chi class.



Contents Creator

Takashi has his own video contents channel with his wife Maria Tran, and Japanese podcast channel.


Diana Weng

Actor / Dialogue Coach 

“Takashi Hara has immense talant and versatility as an actor. He has the rare ability to show emotional range within seconds. He can play the loving best friend and just as quickly transition into a villain. It is thrilling to see his work and it's obvious that the camera loves him. I would be honored to work with this fine and charismatic gentleman, especially because he's also a kind, generous, and collaborative individual.”


Lee B Golden Ⅲ 

Film Combat Syndicate

founder and editor

“Takashi is an impressive performance artist, and a driven educator. He's got a terrific screen presence when in character, and he's certainly one of the most affable and professional people you will ever meet, and be lucky to work with.”


Adrian Castro​

Producer / Director

Fight Choreographer

“Takashi is an energetic and gung ho actor ready to take on any challenge. Skilled with a vast range of acting abilities from evil villain to great comedic timing. He also has great screen fighting chops that can easily establish him as a worthy action star.”

​Takashi has been featured in 


​Zayed Rizwan


“Takashi Hara is a brilliant versatile actor who can blend into any character at any given scenario”


Maria Tran​

Actor / Producer / Director / CEO of Phoenix Eye film

“Takashi is an exceptional talent in both stage and screen performance. He possess a magnetic onscreen presence and is a pleasure to work with"



Producer / Director / Fight Choreographer /  Facilitator


Phone Number: +61 452 136 182  /     Email: info@phoenixeye.com.au

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