Engaging in very basic green screen & visual FX, they’ve turned their co-sharing space into a creative experiment during this time of anxiety and uncertainty.

Their show involves unscripted live videos of their daily lives, cooking, news/politics, online interviews with people worldwide and they are currently in pre-production of a green screen web drama series.

This is an onscreen green screen super team collaboration between Japanese Actor / Film Director/ Producer / Martial Artist / Chef - TAKASHI HARA + Vietnamese Australian Actress / Film Director / Martial Artist / Creative Producer / CEO of Phoenix Eye Film Production Company - MARIA TRAN.

These two reside in Western Sydney and on the 1st of April, 2020, the Australian Government announced their travel restriction/ mini lock down due to the COVID-19, Takashi and Maria decided to live together, team up and make a new video contents channel to inspire the people to engage in their creativity in a positive and fun way.

“After starting this TRAN HARA show, I feel more satisfied and happy, even I can’t see the audience in front of me. Because, now I understand I am a creator and artist by nature and keep inspiring the people and make them happy, I can give them a positive energy through our contents” - Takashi Hara

“Create, experiment, put your energies out there and see what comes is how I see the Tran Hara as. It’s already difficult to see ourselves on mainstream TV & media so to ease that anxiety, let’s just channel it into making our very own that stems from our own passion and preseverance” - Maria Tran

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Japanese Podcasts


Takashi has his own  Podcast channel for the Japanese market. The channel is the topic about international art & entertainment industry, how to learn English and how to develop as a Japanese actor / artist in overseas market.

Takashi is passionate about to support all younger generation Japanese artists. This podcast is one of his step to encourage new actors to success their own goals.