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 Takashi’s skills as a workshop trainer has been demonstrated as an acting trainer for Diversity Arts Australia’s “Storycaster”. This program was aimed at 20 young people over a period of 12 weeks. He occasionally teaches at the NSW Japanese Community Language School at Petersham and has developed his own one-on-one acting training program called “Acting For Mindfulness”; a flexible program for emerging actors who seek efficient ways to learn the craft. In 2020, Takashi ran training workshops for Bi-lingual Community Educators at Refugee Health NSW & young people at the theatre company PYT Fairfield.

Acting For Mindfulness (AFM)


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  • Why relaxation is important for all the performers?

  • How to prepare your body before the scene?

  • How to tap into your emotion freely?

Takashi has studied foundational acting, voice and movement in Japan. Also, he trained Tai Chi and various martial movement in Japan and China.

He has fused both of his passions into his workshops. In his sessions, you will gain more focus on body control and relaxation and practice mindfulness through your craft.

Private sessions includes

  • Set up Your Own Goal

  • Body Relaxation & Mindfulness

  • Body Healing

  • Tai Chi Meditation

  • Basic Voice Training

  • Food & Health Coaching

  • Bella Acting System 

  • Presentation on Camera

  • Life Coaching

  • Prepare Self-tape Casting

  • Monologue

  • Film showreel & Headshot 




"The sessions has helped me relieve the tension in my body and mind. I was able to continue my training at home and noticed the changes in my posture. My mind has become clearer, so I can stay focus and in the present with my acting. Takashi is a very good teacher, he is patient and will adapt things accordingly if needed."

Quyen Kim Chung   
- Actor / Model -

"Takashi's acting for mindfulness training is unique. Not only does he focus on acting but he also guides me to find my way in becoming more relax, calm and living in the present. "

John Wongso   
- Actor / Stunt  -
Headshot 01.png

"Takashi is a really amazing mentor when it comes to learning acting from another actor’s perspective. Whatever you never learned while you were in drama school years ago, Takashi teaches you those things. His method of teaching not only helps improving your performances as an actor, but also opens your mind, and expands your horizons. Highly recommended!"

Bobby Le   
- Actor / Martial Artist -
Headshot 01.png

"Takashi has been an amazing acting coach where he has been demonstrating the acting techniques and create mindfulness where mind connects with the body. It's important to relax before practicing on stage because don't want any actors on stage to look so stiff so that is why mindfulness is important to learn. Using the bella system involving with sense and feel what the character does and what it requires not only from the script, just need to use the sense for creating a character itself in person to use the feeling when communicating with other characters on stage. So I would recommend anyone wanting to learn acting for Mindfulness, Takashi is the best at teaching people how to connect with mind and body in acting"

David Hong 
- Actor / Stunt  -
Headshot 02.png

"Takashi is a teacher that really takes you under his wing and is passionate about being the best version of yourself you can be. If you don't believe in yourself, you soon will."

Therese Chen   
- Actor / Producer -

"I feel more comfortable and relaxed on my comedy shows. Normally I had a bit of nervousness, but with the AFM sessions, I have been doing different exercises, breathing which is very important, and I feel more natural on stage. It's definitely helped. "

David Truong 
- Actor / Comedian -
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Nombiri Tai Chi


 Takashi also teaches Tai Chi sessions for his social media community in live streaming.

"NOMBIRI のんびり"means relax, chill, do one thing at a time in Japanese. To achieve this goal, you will practice meditation, body exercises and Yang 24 style Tai Chi basics in the session.